With extensive experience in the Free Zone, we work in any tax area, whether Judicial or Administrative, in all spheres Municipal, State and Federal.


Tax defenses in the administrative or judicial sphere are of paramount importance for companies and the market, both of which consist in the elaboration of legal pieces by means of a meticulous study in the level of municipal, state and federal taxes, that can be extinguished in the PTA, next step. Both are our tax specialty, with emphasis on issues bring the peculiarities related to the Manaus Free Trade Zone.


Contracts are fundamental tools in people's lives, physical or legal. They are part of the routine of everyone's life.
The provision of this service must start from the negotiation to the elaboration of the contractual instruments in question, always with a focus on the execution of the transactions, with legal certainty, the staff of Caminha Advogados constantly studies the guidelines of the Jurisprudence on the interpretation and application of contractual arrangements in general , in addition to the new forms of contract that arise within the dynamics of contemporary business. In this sense, we describe our possibilities of contractual action in:

  1. Incorporation of company;
  2. Elaboration of social contracts or statutes;
  3. Review of commercial, financial, insurance contracts, warranty terms and technical assistance, as well as advertising texts, aiming to adapt them to the Consumer Protection Code;
  4. Legal advice in the area of business affairs in general;
  5. Purchase and sale of equity interests, assets and commercial and industrial establishments;
  6. Participation in corporate governance meetings and meetings, for representation and defense of client interests;
  7. Guidance on the rights and duties of members;
  8. Balance sheet analysis;
  9. Patrimonial analysis;
  10. Termination;
  11. Dissolution of companies.

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